Creative Industries X Digital Technology

Who we are

Maidthorn advise, incubate and invest where the creative industries meet digital technology.

Founded in 2008 by Simon Walker and Debbie Wosskow, we support strategy and development for a diverse portfolio of clients, from the most successful global media groups to the most disruptive digital challengers.

We also put our money where our mouth is by creating and launching new ventures, some with partners, some on our own. We have a particular focus on passionate global niches where community, content and commerce come together to create valuable new brands.

Simon is an accomplished strategist and innovator with twenty-five years’ experience at the heart of the digital and creative industries. He leads a global network of Maidthorn partners from a rich mix of disciplines, including innovation and creativity, strategy and finance, coaching and development, government and regulation.

In 2011, Debbie became full time CEO of Love Home Swap, Maidthorn's first incubated venture and already the world's leading community of home swappers.

What we do

Maidthorn works at the intersection of the creative industries and digital technology. Our advisory work usually focuses on solving problems, doing deals, and commercialising innovation.

Problem solving

We deliver 'light touch' consultancy that helps develop an answer for clients quickly, efficiently and astutely. An engagement can be as short as a week, as long as twelve months, or on a retained basis. We draw upon our unique international network of strategists and experts to put together focused project teams that are right for the job. These can range from the alumni of the major management consultancy firms to something out of the ordinary. We've used digital marketing specialists, creative directors, CEOs, headhunters, even actors and musicians, in hand-picked teams to work through to an answer. At Maidthorn, we believe it's all in the mix.


We have strong relationships with the corporate finance houses in our field and we work alongside them on deals and transactions. We bring sector expertise, connections and vision to the table. Deals can mean M&A, but it can also mean building partnerships and finding talent. Maidthorn's extensive network enables us to deliver the right solution - whether that be a sale, a merger, a long term relationship or a key senior hire.


We're excited by delivering change. This can mean change within big organisations - our 'Inspirathon' method has helped some of the world's biggest businesses think differently about how to innovate and plan for the future. It can also mean working with new and emerging businesses to change old models, connect with partners and investors, grow and develop. Sometimes these are our own ideas and sometimes we work with small businesses as Board Advisors and shareholders.